Semen Analysis

The analysis of semen / sperm is used to determine whether a man is fertile or not. The semen analysis takes into account the following parameters:

  • Volume: The normal semen volume collected is 2-5 ml. When a man produces a very small volume of semen this may indicate fewer spermatozoa, which could affect fertility. Instead, when it produces a very large volume of semen that is very seminal fluid to dilute the density of sperm.

  • Density: The density of normal sperm is ≥ 20 million sperm per ml of semen. If a semen sample containing <20X106/ml, it is said to have oligospermia. When the sample contains no sperm, it is said to have azoospermia.

  • Mobility: The mobility of sperm is the percentage of moving in one sample. Normal mobility is> 50%. If a sperm sample is <50% say that mobility has asthenospermia.

  • Propellant capacity: The ability of sperm propelling graded based 1 (sluggish movement of sperm) to 4 or higher for the sperm that moves in a straight line with good speed.

  • Morphology: This is the study of the size, shape and appearance of spermatozoa. When abnormal forms of spermatozoa are ≥ 15% - it is teratozoospermia.