• Your period comes. On the third day, you start the pill Yasminelle. The package contains 21 pills. Take one pill every day. It is important to take the pill every day at the same hour/time.
  • After 21 days of using the pills, stop them. On the 22nd and 23rd day, i.e. the next two days, you do not take anything.
  • On the 24th day, you start agonist (Arvekap 0,1 mg), 0,5 ml per day. Every day at the same time, always morning, with very small deviations (± ½ hours). Further instructions for the use and demonstration of how to use it, you will receive from us.
  • On the 26th day after the commencement of the contraceptive pill, you come to AKESO for the ultrasound scan and hormonal level check. Make sure to call Akeso the day before to confirm your appointment.
  • If the ultrasound scan of your ovaries and hormone tests (E2, P4) show that the cycle is good, then the same afternoon you start the treatment of ovarian stimulation with FSH or FSH + LH *. The dose is determined by us upon medical directions. FSH is administered by injection subcutaneously. Every day at a fixed time between 6-10 pm. More instructions for the use and demonstration of how to use it, you will get from us.

While continuing the treatment with these preparations, you will be coming to AKESO every 2-3 days to do the hormonal check and ultrasound scans, according to the instructions given to you by us by phone after each visit.


1st day:

Start pills 

21 day:

the pills are over

22nd & 23rd day:



24th, 25th, 26th day: 

Slight periods are possible. Start Arvekap, Scan, start FSH

* Typical commercial names are FSH Gonal-F, Puregon or Altermon, while FSH + LH are marketed under the name Pergoveris, Merional or Menopur.